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Bernard Lehner

McGill University
Dr. Bernhard Lehner is a faculty member of the Department of Geography at McGill University, Montreal. His main research themes are large-scale hydrology, hydrographic mapping, and freshwater conservation. Major research projects include the design and development of global river network maps, basin delineations, and watershed characterizations,  as well as global lakes, wetlands and reservoir databases. The goal of these GIS projects is to generate basic data layers in support of regional and global eco-hydrological modeling, watershed analyses, and freshwater conservation planning at a quality, resolution and extent that have previously been unachievable. Applications of these datasets span multiple scales (from local to global) and cover a broad variety of topics, including studies on the eco-hydrological effects of dam constructions, large-scale river reach and basin classifications, environmental flow assessments and integrated freshwater conservation analyses. Dr. Lehner has collaborated for over 15 years with a variety of international conservation organizations.